I'm going to attend a wedding in a few days. Would it be okay if I wore my prom dress? It's a strapless tea-length dress and it's coral/salmon, but I don't know what I would wear it with. Do you have any other outfit suggestions? Thanks for your time, and keep up the great blogging! :)

Yes that sounds lovely :) As long as it isn’t covered in sequins or sparkles, you should be good! To keep it summer wedding friendly, wear it with cream or nude heels and a matching messenger bag or clutch. Simply gold jewelry and maybe a belt too. Have fun! xoxo

20.Jun.14 1 month ago
Hi, i'm 17 i love your blog and all looks in it that's why i'm asking you for some advice. Tomorrow i have a dinner with all my friends and then we'll party. I want to be classy but without wearing heels, i thought about wearing a floral dress with white converse but i don't know if it would be inappropriate for night out. What can i wear? Any other idea? HELP PLEASE

Thanks! Since it’s summer why don’t you wear some embellished flat sandals? Converse are a little too casual. A floral dress sounds lovely but it depends on the material. If it is silk for example, it will be fancier. A short skater cut dress is the most universally flattering too. Hope this helps :)

19.Jun.14 1 month ago
i actually love each and every one of your outfit posts!! They're so inspiring and not to mention, pretty as well!! :)

Thank you so much!! xoxo

19.Jun.14 1 month ago